RUASRT Media Competition

The Competition

Media plays a crucial role in engineering, from illustrating research concepts to documenting and helping us better understand the world around us

RUASRT wishes to recognise extraordinary media captured through its annual media competition by welcoming varied and diverse entries to the competition across the following categories:

  • Scientific photo / video
  • Scientific illustration



For each category, the judges will shortlist four images and from those pick a winner and a runner-up. All shortlisted entries will be published on the RUASRT website, and through social media. Our judging panel consists of RUASRT’s academics and industry representatives. The judges will be looking for images that satisfy a range of criteria including originality and narrative, and will decide the shortlisted entries, category winners and category runners-up.


The competition is open to RMIT students and alumni from the previous year. 

You can submit media produced by any research conducted at RMIT


1st November    –  Deadline for submissions

24th November –   Finalists will be announced

30 November       Winners will be announced 

Submission Details

The submission must include

  1. High resolution photo / video
  2. Title (max 100 characters) Short and informative
  3. A brief description (100 words max)
To submit an entry please click on the button below

Example from previous years