About Us

The RMIT Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Research Team (RUASRT) is dedicated to enabling the safe and efficient operation of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) in a variety of civil, commercial and defence applications. UAS, also commonly referred to as drones, are the fastest growing sector of the aviation industry. Australia is well-positioned to capitalise on this emerging technology, which have many highly beneficial applications in defence, emergency services, mining, agriculture, media, law enforcement, infrastructure inspection and environmental management.

 The RUASRT comprises a multi-disciplinary team of world leading researchers at RMIT University. The team includes senior academics, research fellows, PhD students, and undergraduate engineering students. More about our research team here. Want to join the research team? PhD scholarships are available for high-quality students. For more information on active research projects and scholarships, visit our research page

The Team

Prof. Simon Watkins

Aerodynamics, experimental fluid dynamics and turbulence.

Dr Abdulghani Mohamed

Turbulence modelling , experimental & numerical aerodynamics, sensing, bioinspiration, MAVs, systems design and integration, flocking / swarming, actuation & control.

Dr Alex Fisher

Aerodynamics experimental & analytical, avionics, and autonomous systems, control, signal processing, flocking / swarming, SLAM.

Dr Matthew Marino

Aerodynamics, modelling and aircraft design, Novel UAS applications, ATM for UAS.

Prof Pier Marzocca

Aeroelasticity, Flow-Structure-Interaction, Active/Passive Control, Structural dynamics, Aerodynamics, Solid/Fluid mechanics, UAV, Composite structures, Advanced materials and smart structures, Modelling and simulation.

Honorary Members

Dr Reece Clothier

AAUS President
Principal Researcher at Boeing Australia

Dr Mujahid Abdulrahim

Senior Control Engineer Aerovironment