Research Projects

RUASRT are undertaking a large program to enable safe and effective UAS operation in complex and cluttered environments. The urban canyon represent such challenging environment and represents the research focus at RUASRT. There are a number of focal research areas including; resilient autonomy,
bioinspiration, intelligent guidance navigation and control, acoustics, and swarming/formation flight. 

Resilient Autonomy / Turbulence Mitigation Strategies

  • Gust Mitigation strategies
  • Gust Vehicle interaction
  • Gust / Turbulence Modelling and replication
  • Novel Actuation strategies
  • Worst Case Gusts in Urban Environments
  • Rapidly actuated Leading-edge control surface


  • Avian kinematics
  • Insect kinematics
  • Atmospheric Energy Harvesting
  • Bioinspired UAS

Novel Drone Delivery Systems

  • Utilizing new concepts to deliver packages across the sky
  • Fixed wing and Hybrid systems
  • Integration into current delivery systems

Intelligent Guidance and Navigation

  • Integrating various sensors to form an intelligent navigation system capable of both indoor and outdoor flight. 
  • GPS denied environments 

UAS Acoustics

  • Investigating the sources of drone noise sources and finding innovative ways to minimise or augment sound for stealth and better social acceptance. 
  • Experimental and design focused projects