The RMIT Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research Team (RUASRT) comprises a multi-disciplinary team of world leading researchers at RMIT University. The team includes senior academics, research fellows, PhD students and undergraduate engineering students. Find out more about our research team members here.

Want to join the research team? Please send requests and all other enquiries to:


World-Leading Facilities

RUASRT researchers have access to world leading facilities and equipment, including  simulation, prototyping, manufacture and test facilities. These facilities allow researchers to quickly go from a computer-aided design, to wind tunnel tested rapid prototype, through to full-composite flight-tested systems.

Access to the newly opened Advanced Manufacturing Precinct enables researchers to rapidly turn concept into reality through 3D printing of airframes and components, 3D scanning, laser additive manufacturing, composite fabrication workshops, and access to many other world-class automated manufacturing equipment.

Other specialist development and test facilities include:
/ Computer aided design labs
/ Immersive flight simulation system
/ An outdoor netted flight test area
/ Human factors and systems integration test equipment (eye and head tracking and EEG)
/ Multiple instrumented wind tunnels with a working cross section of up to 2m x 3m
/ Composites manufacturing and testing
/ An alternative fuels and propulsion lab

Industry Advocacy

The RUASRT is actively engaged in forwarding the UAS industry, being active members on theCivil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Standards Consultative Committee, Working Group for UAS Regulations.
RUASRT is also an active supporter of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS).

Award-Winning Research



RUASRT has made significant research contributions in the field of Unmanned Air Systems as evidenced by the introduction of new knowledge and terminology to the discipline; patent; and the innovation awards received by key members. The team has been invited to publish a papers communicating new generated knowledge in the most prestigious aerospace and robotics journals.

Media Coverage


RUASRT has gained significant media presence, communicating the latest advancements to both industry and the general public.

Dr Matthew Marino was interviewed on Channel 7 News over the new Uber Air concept being trialled in 2023 in Melbourne Australia. 

Dr Abdulghani Mohammed and Dr Alex Fisher were involved in a Scope program to capture the imagination of young and aspiring engineers. 




World's first wind sensing drone.

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