Team Capabilities

Flight Test Aircraft

RUASRT uses a number of UAS platforms to support its teaching and research objectives. The current focus is on small, or ‘micro- UAS’, which can be safely operated and quickly manufactured. Many of the research platforms are designed and built at RMIT, specific to the needs of the particular research program or application.

Current research platforms include fixed wing, flapping and
multi-rotor platforms. The largest platform under construction in the Research Team is the Javelin, which has a maximum take-off mass of ~15kg. Current sensor payloads include electro-optical, thermal IR, and LIDAR.


RUASRT researchers have access to world-leading facilities and equipment, including simulation, prototyping, manufacture and test facilities:

/ 3D printing (including titanium)
/ Computer Aided Design (CAD) labs
/ Immersive flight simulation system
/ Motion tracking system
/ Outdoor netted flight test area
/ Human factors / systems integration test equipment (eye and head tracking, and EEG)
/ Multiple instrumented wind tunnels with a working test section of up to 2m x 3m x 9m
/ Composites manufacturing and testing
/ Alternative fuels and propulsion