The RMIT UAS Research Team is actively engaged with various UAS industry stakeholder groups. We regularly provide invited presentations on UAS and their application to specific end-user problems. On this page you will find links to some of our more recent industry presentations, reports and non-peer reviewed conference papers:

  • Clothier R (2016) “Very Low Level RPAS Operations”, RPAS in Australian Skies Conference, Australian Association for Unmanned Systems, 6-7th March, Canberra. Download here.
  • Watkins S, Mohamed A, Fisher A, Clothier R, Carrese R, Fletcher D (2015) “Towards Autonomous MAV Soaring in Cities” IMAV 2015, 15-18 Sept, Aachen, Germany. Download Presentation here.
  • Clothier R (2015) “Security Issues for Civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems” SAE AeroTech 2015, 22-25th September, Seattle, US. Download presentation here.
  • Marzocca P, Clothier R and Bil C (2015) “Realising a UAS Capability” International Conference on Intelligent Unmanned Systems 2015. 27-28 August, Bali, Indonesia. Download presentation here.
  • Clothier R (2015) “Risk Management and Risk Templates for Civil UAS Operations” Controlling Unmanned Aircraft: Legal, Certification, Security and Operational Challenges, UAS International, 26th February 2015, Amore Hotel, Richmond, Melbourne. Download presentation here.
  • Clothier R (2015) “Australian Civil UAS Industry – Status, Threats, and Opportunity” A Gathering Storm: Unmanned Systems Outlook in Australasia, Australian Association for Unmanned Systems, 22-24th February 2015, Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Melbourne. Download presentation here.
  • Williams B, Clothier R, Fulton N, Johnson S, Lin X, and Cox K. (2014) “Building the Safety Case for UAS Operations in Support of Natural Disaster Response” 14th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference, AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition, 16th-20th June 2014, Atlanta, Georgia. Download paper here.
  • Clothier RA (2014) “Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Challenges and Opportunities in Road Transportation Research” Webinar in conjunction with the Australian Road Research Board, 6th March online. Download presentation here.
  • Clothier RA (2014) “An Introduction to UAS, and the Technical, Regulatory and Social Challenges Ahead” Keynote presentation at the Unmanned Aerial Systems Conference, 17th February, Flinders University, Australia. Download presentation here.
  • Clothier RA (2014) “The Dawn of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and the Challenges Ahead” Royal Aeronautical Society, Melbourne Branch, 3rd February, Melbourne, Australia. Download presentation here.
  • Clothier RA, Perez T, and Williams B (2013) “Unmanned Systems and Autonomy – Opening Pandora’s Box” Australian Association for Unmanned Systems, 2013 Unmanned Systems Maritime Conference, Pacific 2013, 8th October, Sydney, Australia. Download presentation here.
  • Clothier RA (2013) “Obtaining A Public Licence For Unmanned Aircraft – Perception, Privacy & Other Prickly Problems” Invited presentation at the Sir Richard Williams Foundation Seminar “Protecting Australia with Drones: Cheaper, Better, Smarter, Safer?”, 3rd June, Canberra, Australia.
  • Fothergill S, Clothier RA, and Coyne, J. (2013) “Human Performance Considerations for Civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems” Presented at the Australian System Safety Conference, 22-24th May, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Clothier RA (2013) “The “Other” Challenges Facing the Australian UAS Industry” 2nd Annual Unmanned Vehicle Systems Conference, 24th-26th Feb, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Clothier RA and Campbell D (2013) “UAS – The Brightest Shade of Aviation” 32nd Annual Aviation Law Association of Australia and New Zealand (ALAANZ) Conference – Fifty Shades of Aviation. 5th-7th of May, Sydney, Australia.
  • Clothier RA, (2012) “An Overview of UAS Capabilities and Challenges” 2012 Law Enforcement Agency, UAS Conference. 29th Feb-2nd March, Victoria Police Academy, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Clothier RA, (2012) “A Requirements & Capability Discussion: UAS for SAR & Law Enforcement” 2012 Law Enforcement Agency, UAS Conference. 29th Feb-2nd March, Victoria Police Academy, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Clothier RA, and Walker RA. (2009) “The Smart Skies Project” In: AUVSI Unmanned Systems North America, 10th – 13th August 2009, Washington D.C. (Unpublished)
  • Clothier RA, Walker RA, Fulton NL, and Campbell DA. (2008) “Lessons in history: The regulation of “horse-less carriages” and “pilot-less aircraft” In: Australia & New Zealand Regional Organisation of the Society for Risk Analysis: 3rd Annual Conference, Facilitating partnerships: Managing risks in complex systems, 30th September – 1st October, Canberra, Australia.

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