The RUASRT undertakes world-leading research addressing the technical, operational, social and safety challenges associated with the uptake of UAS technologies. RUASRT conducts fundamental and applied research across the aerospace sub-disciplines. RUASRT has a reputation for delivering real world outcomes for our research partners.

The research can be broadly grouped into:

  • UAS Design – RUASRT conducts research into new and novel UAS designs. This area of research includes bio-inspired concepts, path planning, guidance, navigation, sensing, communication, payloads, and autonomy. Our current focus is on micro air vehicles and their operation in complex environments.
  • UAS Risk, Regulation and Integration – This research theme encompasses the safety risk modelling, the regulation and certification of autonomous systems, exploration of human factors associated with UAS, the integration of UAS into the airspace system, and public risk perception.

A list of current research projects can be found here.

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