MARV 1.0

Background / Applications

Micro Aerial Reconnaissance Vehicle (MARV) was designed with first responder situations in mind (e.g. emergency services, firefighting). Its lightweight, durable and low-cost design allows for pilots with limited experience to quickly gather information via First Person View (FPV) camera without placing personnel at risk. A PlayStation 3 controller was modified into a Remote Control (RC) radio to provide a more familiar system. Features such as altitude-hold, auto-level, and the ability to withstand impacts ensures that the aircraft is easy to fly.

Manufacturing Process

The rolling cage, made from carbon fiber and piano wire, allows the copter to right itself after a crash. The frame was custom made in the RMIT Composites Lab, with the avionics and FPV system being hand-selected from commercial off-the-shelf parts.


Size/Wingspan 230mm (cage), 155 x 160mm
Maximum Takeoff Mass 97 g
Range 500 m
Endurance 11 mins hover
Flight Controller Mini Naze32

MARV has evolved with a new edition each year, with a slightly different focus each time. Click here to see MARV 2.0