IMAV 2018

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RUASRT is very pleased to announce we will be hosting the International Micro Air Vehicles (IMAV) competition and conference in 2018. This is the first time IMAV has come to the Southern Hemisphere and it will bring with it drone experts and enthusiasts from all over the world. 

IMAV is an event held annually, aimed at fostering key technologies for the development of micro-drones. It combines a scientific conference and flight competition accessible to any research group around the world.

The Conference

The conference will be held at RMIT University’s Bundoora Campus, and feature keynote speeches from some of the biggest names in Unmanned Aircraft.

Topics considered for discussion and presentation at the conference may include (but are not limited to):

  • Low‐Reynolds Number/MAV aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • Trusted autonmoy
  • Sense and avoid systems
  • MAV swarms, formation flight
  • Flapping wings, morphing & bio‐inspired MAVs
  • Design methodologies and optimisation
  • Use of MAVs in other fields

The Competition

The indoor competition will be held at RMIT University’s Bundoora Campus, while the outdoor competition will be held at Greensborough Model Aircraft Club (GMAC). Daily transportation service to and from RMIT and GMAC will be available. The competition missions are setup to emphasise the following:

  • Efficient and innovative MAV design
  • Small and lightweight MAVs
  • Autonomy and image processing
  • Multi-MAV cooperation


Event Dates

IMAV will be held 17 – 23 November 2018, near Melbourne, Australia.

Day Date Activity*
Saturday 17 November Competition Practice Day
Sunday 18 November Competition Practice Day
Monday 19 November Outdoor Competition
Tuesday 20 November Outdoor/Outdoor Competition
Wednesday 21 November Indoor Competition
Thursday 22 November Conference Day 1
Friday 23 November Conference Day 2
*Note that activities will be subject to changes due to weather.

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Competition Rules

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