Academic Staff

Dr Reece Clothier Safety, risk, autonomy, system design and certification
Prof. Simon Watkins Aerodynamics, experimental fluid dynamics and turbulence
Prof. Alireza Bab-Hadiashar Vision systems and image processing
A.Prof Agus Budiyono Avionics, control systems
Dr Matthew Marino Aerodynamics, modelling and aircraft design
Dr Milan Simic Dynamics, control, robotics
Dr Graham Wild Photonic and sensing systems
Prof. Liuping Wang Control systems
Prof Roberto Sabatini  CNS+A, Avionics, Detect and Avoid

Research Fellows

Dr Alex Fisher Aerodynamics, avionics, and autonomous systems
Dr Sridhar Ravi Bio-inspired systems, bio-mechanics
Dr Abdulghani Mohamed Turbulence, aerodynamics, flow sensing, systems design and integration
Dr Jesse McCarthy Aerodynamics, energy harvesting, design

PhD and Masters Students

Mr Mohamed Elbenhawi Robotics, path planning
Mr Achim Washington Risk and reliability modelling
Mr Cameron Graham System modelling for UAS detect and avoid
  • Publications
Mr Alexander Somerville Design, aviation, and UAS integration
  • Publications
Mr Lance Fang SPAD Sensor Algorithms
  • Publications
Ms Nicola Kloet Aero Acoustics
  • Publications
Mr Ashim Panta Aerodynamics and novel control designs
  • Publications
Mr Sam Prudden Turbulence sensing and mitigation
  • Publications


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