AMAV 2017 at RMIT

RMIT students from the Engineering Unmanned Aircraft Systems elective competed at the second Australian Micro Air Vehicles competition on 19th October 2017. This year’s event was held at the Greensborough Model Aircraft Club (GMAC).

Students worked very hard on their design, build, and fly projects during the 12-week course. Where they were tasked with using the components provided to create a unique quadcopter capable of navigating the obstacle course, reading the QR codes posted throughout the “city” and safely delivering a medical payload to our “injured” crash-test dummy. Eight teams competed, with several electing to pilot the craft themselves. Many were able to read several of the QR codes, fly successfully (despite high winds), and drop the payload.

Several prizes were awarded to the students for their efforts, with the overall winners announced as Team 6 (with a score of almost 400 points!). Several students were given piloting awards for their skills and everyone should be proud of their achievement.

We are very grateful to GMAC for their support in hosting this event.