Successful maiden flight of new X8 multi-rotor

RUASRT X8 multi-rotor

The X8-configuration, “heavylift” multi-rotor had a completely successful maiden test flight on Friday 4th August in the RUASRT netted area at RMIT University.

The test flight is the culmination of several months work for the “heavylift” team. A small group of undergraduate students from RUASRT selected the components, and completed the assembly. The finished UAS, which is capable of carrying payloads of up to 3kg, is intended to carry various payloads for collision avoidance and indoor navigation.

X8 with landing gear retracted during test flight in RUASRT netted area

This is a multi-use platform, able to accept a range of payloads and sensors. If you are interested in discussing how this platform could assist your research efforts, please get in touch through the “Contact Us” section.