CASA Releases New Regulations for UAS

15 May 14 – The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) have released a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) for the regulation of civil unmanned aircraft in Australia. The NPRM is open for comment until the 16-June-14. The NPRM is available on the CASA website:

The NPRM details proposed changes to the definition of unmanned aircraft systems (in line with ICAO definitions). It also describes new requirements in relation to small UAS (with a takeoff mass of less than 2kg), and information on remote pilot licensing.

Regulations relevant to civil UAS operations in Australia are contained in Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR 1998) Part 101. More information on the regulations applicable to UAS (or remotely piloted aircraft) can be found on the CASA website:

Update – RUASRT has made public comment on some aspects of the NPRM: